Options Trading Strategies

Options trading is a complicated yet flexible, versatile, and potentially profitable investment strategy that can be tailored to the specific investment objectives and risk tolerance of traders. The three most popular option strategies are naked puts, covered calls, and synthetic calls. 

Let’s dive in and explain each one of them.


Naked Put

A Naked Put is a bullish strategy which entails writing or selling a put option without owning the underlying stock. This strategy can be used to buy shares of stock at a lower price, while keeping the premium collected if the stock price does not decrease. This “paid to wait” strategy has the potential to produce income as well as gain from a drop in the value of the underlying stock.

Synthetic Call

A synthetic option strategy called a synthetic call can mimic the profits of a long call option. This tactic could be beneficial for those who wish to profit from a stock price gain but do not wish to purchase the underlying stock.

Bullish Tactic

The bullish tactic of selling a call option while simultaneously owning the underlying stock is known as a covered call. This can increase revenue while lowering possible losses in the event that the stock price increases.

Risk Management

At lots of Options, we approach risk with caution. One approach to risk management is known as option hedging, which makes use of options to lessen the risk involved in stock investments. Put options, for instance, can be used by a stock investor to protect against a drop in stock price.

Options trading, and any of the strategies mentioned above, offers investors the opportunity to achieve their specific investment objectives, all while generating income, limiting losses, and managing risk.