What does Lots of Options do?

Our service is intended to provide SMS notifications of the trades we execute and detailed information about the trade and the premium criteria we are willing to accept. Our trading strategy emphasizes risk management. We adhere to a conservative trading strategy by avoiding high beta stocks unless they are in a strong uptrend. We sell covered options and deep out-of-the-money puts. This strategy allows us to concentrate on premium collection and limit our losses when things go wrong.

The primary purpose of our service is to collect premiums, which may be less than what we can obtain for a given level of safety. By concentrating on collecting premiums, we can limit our losses when the inevitable misfortunes occur. This is accomplished by rolling the transaction or accepting the stock when it is offered.

What makes it unique?

In contrast to other options trading services which restrict their clients to a single transaction per month, we offer a consistent flow of trades, enabling clients to diversify their portfolios and potentially increase their returns. Additionally, we do not engage in daily trading, allowing our clients to concentrate on long-term growth rather than short-term gains. We take pride in being a legitimate and honest service, as opposed to a quick-money scheme. Our strategy for generating income is based on collecting option premiums from covered calls and naked puts, which allows us to minimize risk while maximizing profit potential.

Why choose Lots of Options?

Choosing us as your partner in options trading should be a simple decision, as our trading strategy is founded on openness and risk management, and we value transparency and adaptability. We put our words into practice by posting our actual transactions. By doing so, we demonstrate to our clients that we believe in our trades and have skin in the game. 

Our practice of posting actual trades as soon as we receive notification from TD Ameritrade reflects our commitment to transparency.

We don’t lock our customers in and provide an anytime cancellation policy and no long-term commitments. Clients who choose to subscribe to an annual plan receive a discount; once they’ve determined how they feel about our service, they can join for a flat fee.

Why do you share your trades with others?

It is understandable that many individuals would question why we would share our profitable trades. The answer is simple: we intend to continue expanding our capital and increasing our trading volume. By allowing others to participate in our trades, we are able to raise more capital and engage in more transactions. 

Additionally, our trading strategies are already producing positive results, and we believe that by sharing our trades, we can assist others in achieving similar success. By sharing our trades, we can continue to expand our business and assist others in achieving financial success through options trading.

Why do you trade options?

Options trading can be a complex and risky endeavor. The majority of options buyers lose money, and 90% of options expire worthless, according to studies. It can be difficult to predict the exact direction and timing of the underlying asset in order to profit from purchasing options. However, our approach to trading options allows for greater flexibility and a more conservative stance. We concentrate on trading options on stocks that we would like to own, which helps to mitigate the risk.

By offering options, we hope to provide our clients with an additional means of generating income and diversifying their portfolios, while taking the inherent risks of options trading into account.

Why don’t you purchase options?

Our strategy for trading options does not involve purchasing them. This choice is based on the fact that we do not engage in market timing. Timing the market, or the ability to predict the direction and timing of the market, requires significant resources and knowledge.

Our strategy focuses instead on generating profits through time decay and a likely positive beta. This strategy allows us to capitalize on market conditions without attempting to predict the market’s direction and timing.

Additionally, by not purchasing options, we have greater flexibility to shift gears and move in 30-to-90-day-out markets if necessary, as options typically have a shorter expiration date.

Why do you avoid stocks with a high beta?

Our trading strategy entails avoiding stocks with a high beta, as we believe these stocks are better suited for investors with higher risk tolerance.

While high-beta stocks may have a place in a diversified portfolio, they are riskier and more volatile.

Our strategy is centered on risk management; consequently, we do not engage in stock picking and strive to be as cautious as possible, even if this results in a lower return.

What qualities do you seek in a stock before initiating a trade?

Our strategy for trading options involves selecting stocks with a strong trend in an industry with other equities moving in the same direction. For instance, when the price of gold increases, we will seek to invest in mining companies, as they are likely to benefit from the increase. Likewise, we will look to invest in the insurance sector when insurance stocks are rising.

By selecting stocks that are in a strong trend and are part of a sector with positive momentum, we hope to improve our clients’ chances of success.

In addition, we avoid stocks that are experiencing a downward trend and seek opportunities elsewhere.

Is this trading model suitable for someone with a full time job?

Yes, our service is designed to be adaptable and accommodating to our clients’ lifestyles. We will send you text messages regarding our trades so that you can remain informed without being tethered to a computer. This enables you to continue working and participating in your daily activities while using our options trading service.

In addition, our trades are executed at the time of placement, reducing the need for constant monitoring and allowing you to concentrate on your work and other responsibilities.

How much capital is needed to trade with Lots of Options?

We understand that each individual has his or her own risk tolerance and financial resources, and we do not provide personalized financial advice, thus our options trading system is available for people with varying amounts of capital.

Options trading carries a certain level of risk and investing only what you can afford to lose is essential. Before making any investment decisions, we recommend consulting with a financial advisor.

What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy is straightforward, fair and transparent: clients may cancel their subscriptions at any time. We do not offer prorated refunds, however, if you cancel before the start of the month, your card will not be charged for that month.

If you have a discounted subscription, those terms would apply.

If I don't like the system, can I return it for a refund?

We recognize that our options trading system may not be appropriate for everyone, and we respect that fact. Customers may cancel their subscriptions at any time, and we do not require a long-term contract.